Pancake is a text edition framework based on Pandoc, Panzer and other personalized filters. It allows to simply write scientific articles in Markdown. Source Code Using Tectonic + Pandoc + custom filters for scientific writing forks.5 stars.0 open issues.Recent commits: Adding binding for data, GitHub Making pandoc quieter, GitHub Letting […]


Sodia is a content aggregation application. The initial project was to aggregate multiple sources from social media accounts to emails including SMS and classify and remove the duplicates while being able to publish to multiple accounts at once. The project currently enables you to view and manage your subscription feeds […]


Stamp is a multimedia social messaging application. It is meant to be simple and friendly and tries to do the equivalent of a digital postcard. The project was carried out in the laboratory Système Et Transport as part of a project to help people medicalized at home maintain a connection […]


Wipos is a project of indoor geolocation. The system uses libpcap on OpenWRT routers to recover the MAC and RSSI of connected clients. This information is then sent to a Java EE server that stores the data in a database. An Android client then just ask the server to give […]


Typa is an android application designed to communicate by message and file on local network without a server. It is based on the service discovery protocol Bonjour and a simple protocol created specifically for the project. Project android Institution: UTBM Year: 2012 User Interface Report Source Code An Android […]


Dirige comes from a tutored project entitled “Optimization of the path for a robot. ” The project’s basic idea is to develop a software for editing environment, and view the most optimized path for a robot from a point of departure to a point of arrival. Tutored project Institution: IUT […]